27 December 2011

someone drew this... looks sick! i want my hair back now!

best of 2011

just saw myself in this vid... have no idea who made it but i'm stoked to be with all these dudes in one edit! haha. not the best shots from me thou

21 December 2011

Kodak Burton Edition Cam

yesterday i got this tiny videocamera at the office and was asked to film a short edit. unfortunately, there's still no snow in Moscow, so i tested the cam with my friends in our indoor park... and here's the result! i suppose the video would look better if it was bluebird weather

20 December 2011

Moscow DC Metal Wars

got home from Norway on Saturday and took the best trick at DC Metal Wars.
props to Wojtek, Marc and Toni!

12 December 2011

Norway all the way

been shreddin in Trysil with norwegian friends.. filming some new videos with them and dasha! look for updates

here's a random photo from one morning.. this is our handmade home spot

photo credit: dasha nosova

03 December 2011

JITC in Oslo

became the winner of Junkyard In The City !! thank you everyone and especially thanks to those ones who invited me !

preparing for the contest in Oslo

today i came to Oslo for the Junkyard In The City contest. we had a pizza party with all the riders and organizers on the top floor in our hotel and then we had a short walk through the city with our norwegian fellows Oivind and Eirik. i'm stoked about not having stairs at the setup! should be fun tomorrow

thanks to Dasha and Oivind for the photos

11 November 2011

the official movie from Gothenburg Rail Battle

check out the video from the contest in Sweden where i got 3rd place, Marc 1st and Len 2nd!!

thanks Rip Curl for inviting me to such a great event!

rap stars in the nearest future!

07 November 2011

Russian Snowboard Awards 2011

i've been nominated for 'russian snowboarder of the year'. also there is some kind of 'favorite rider' nomination, so you can vote for me here . just click the blue round button on the right side!

03 November 2011

Protest Rock A Rail recap

thanks to organizers for inviting me to Holland, Den Haag and Gerben for a sick setup! unfortunately my knee didn't feel good and I wasn't able to ride all of the rails... next stop is Gothenburg Rail Battle

photo : Ann Shahova

13 October 2011

burton rail days comin' up

got this crazy package of documents from Burton Japan. thanks Kosuke for inviting me to Burton Rail Days in Tokyo! so dope. can't wait to go there!!

02 October 2011

friends going crazy

hahaha i laughed so much at this thing... my friends made a video with congratz on winning the FLRJ

thank you for this!!

01 October 2011

1st at Frontline Rail Jam

became an overall winner and also got the best last trick today. so happy!! thanks y'all for your support! such a big event for me

stoked to be on the podium with Marc and Dominik. LOVE always wins :)
thanks to Maria for the photos and Ema Neckwear!

by Ilya Klishin

24 September 2011

на пенек сел!

some hilarious stuff featuring my friend Leo and me. Shred Days for life ! i wish some of you could understand russian

hope you don't take it too seriously... we just were really impressed by these two videos...

09 August 2011

Windells Session 6 Recap

still here having fun riding in the park... don't wanna leave this place, for real

06 August 2011

newschool teaser Russian Reversal

my friends just announced their new movie!


La Resistance teaser!

Riders: Denis Leontev, Nikita Vasilev, Konstantin Beregevskiy, Yuri Rudchik, Alexey Osovitskiy, Philipp Ananin, Vanja Gribkov, Alexander Osokin, Maxim Sibirjakov, Igor Kulakov, Mihail Ilin, Igor Kalnizkiy

28 July 2011

19 July 2011

Mt Hood chillin

i'm in Govy now and session 4 has finally come!
here are my five tricks from the first day at High Cascade

a postcard from Portland to my Mom

Joon fighter

photo/video: Dasha Nosova

16 June 2011

sneak peek WeAre2012

holy moly! weare2012 goes dirty

homies: Maxim Sibiryakov, Vanya Gribkov, Igor Ku, Denis Bonus, Yura Rudchik and Goryn

09 June 2011


i turned 20 today and i have a new video for you!
it's indoor but whatever

filmed/edited by Ilya Klishin


01 May 2011

Fresh Meat on Method TV

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Dasha Nosova, Mitja Legat, Maxim Lyamenkov, Alex Voytsekhovsky, Jack Johnston, Torsten Frank, Kamil Krezsniak, Alex Enot
EDITOR: Alexis de Tarade
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Thomaz Autran Garcia
SOUNDTRACK: Alex Krussia

thank y'all for making this clip come out!


13 April 2011

helsinki - burton spindl spring sessions - helsinki - homeland

have traveled for 3 weeks so it's time to post some news... at first i went to Helsinki with WeAre2012 crew to film some street for the future movie La Resistance. we stayed there for one week and were pretty excited about bluebird weather. the snow was kinda icy... but who cares. we filmed pretty much stuff... a few shots are gonna be in my upcoming Fresh Meat video from Methodmag. as for the worst, my buddy Vanya injured his shoulder and he's still recovering

freaks playin football with a shovel

Oleg loves Australia. especially when being in Finland!!

one of those popular spots...

our crew


another one famous spot

last day and last spot in Helsinki

get well soon buddy! we need you

then we headed with Dasha to Chezh Republic for Burton Spindl Spring Sessions... we had a flight with Lufthansa and it was such a disappointment. we flied from Helsinki to Prague via Frankfurt and they lost our boardbags. fuck that... i totally wanted to spend a day on the mountain without my board. fortunately, they brought our bags the next day... as for the best things, the park was sick! sun, slushy snow, lots of people and lots of stuff to shred. many props to BSSS organizers! wait for a footy

someone had this funny filming gadget

park view from a helicopter. this is just a half... such a paradise for russian guy like me haha

and this is Dasha, who is my girlfriend, photographer & filmer, translator and simply everything

after BSSS we had the same flight with Lufthansa to Helsinki and then flight to Moscow. and guess what? they lost our luggage again... should i add anything else? don't fly with Lufthansa if you want to save your nerves... well, this is not the end of my story. while trying to decide what to do we met austrian guys Fuchsi and Rudi who had the same flight from Prague with us! after a second they suggested to join them and film in Helsinki for one week. and after a few hours we changed our airtickets and stayed with them. got many shots from that week as well. would like to thank all the guys who we stayed with - Seppi, Rudi, Fuchsi and Mitja! it was really good times!


we spent about 5 hours (or?) on shoveling since the very end of the rail was under an icy snow

triple satan kink. Rudi: "this rail is against humans' rights"

some technine style spot...

Beavis and Butthead aka Rudi and Fuchsi

now i'm in Saint-Petersburg being ill a bit... haven't been home since Christmas. next plan is riding Jib Factory contest in Munich. pretty sad about Laax session cancellation. and now i'm out...

pics by Dasha Nosova

11 April 2011

WeAre2012 in Helsinki

check out some funny moves from our trip to Helsinki in March...
yea don't take this song too seriously hahaha

16 March 2011

15 bonus tracks in 4snowmag #20

1. Lil Wayne feat. Baby the Birdman – Pop Bottles
2. Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana – Lil Wayne Mr Mike Tyson
3. Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z)
4. Snoop Dogg vs. Bug Mafia – The Next Shake Mix
5. Bun B feat. Chamillionaire & Slim Thug – In Money We Trust
6. Wu-Tang Clan – Hip Hop Fury
7. LMFAO feat. Lil Jon – Get Outta Ur Mind
8. U-God – God Is Love (feat. Cappadonna & Killah Priest)
9. Rick Ross – B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) feat. Styles P (Produced By Lex Luger)
10. Krussia feat. C-Rayz Walz – Ripping In New York (NY)
11. Lil Wayne feat. Birdman – No Ceilings
12. Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone
13. Pacific Division – For Real
14. Ya Boy & Dubb – Beam On The Semi Freestyle
15. Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Dubstep Remix)

14 March 2011

trippin in europe

have been to the Ride Shakedown contest in Germany.. not sure how i feel about that haha. no fun

then we came out to Serfaus for filming. this place is just awesome! 'mini bear mountain' is the best description. respect goes to Flo for pickin us up!

next stop was Innsbruck. chillin with Dasha and Jack and missing Alexis!! haha

today we hit up some 'Sane Session' not far from Innsbruck. such a good event! super fun and super rails. won the best trick session in the end..

Alexis is killin the spot with Dasha's small 144 board and no snowboard boots. fuckin crazy son

so now just kickin it at some hotel in IBK. having a flight to Moscow tomorrow. gonna be back to Europe in 10 days i hope..

pics by dasha as always
thanks Jack for filming me all these days