14 March 2011

trippin in europe

have been to the Ride Shakedown contest in Germany.. not sure how i feel about that haha. no fun

then we came out to Serfaus for filming. this place is just awesome! 'mini bear mountain' is the best description. respect goes to Flo for pickin us up!

next stop was Innsbruck. chillin with Dasha and Jack and missing Alexis!! haha

today we hit up some 'Sane Session' not far from Innsbruck. such a good event! super fun and super rails. won the best trick session in the end..

Alexis is killin the spot with Dasha's small 144 board and no snowboard boots. fuckin crazy son

so now just kickin it at some hotel in IBK. having a flight to Moscow tomorrow. gonna be back to Europe in 10 days i hope..

pics by dasha as always
thanks Jack for filming me all these days

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