27 December 2011

someone drew this... looks sick! i want my hair back now!

best of 2011

just saw myself in this vid... have no idea who made it but i'm stoked to be with all these dudes in one edit! haha. not the best shots from me thou

21 December 2011

Kodak Burton Edition Cam

yesterday i got this tiny videocamera at the office and was asked to film a short edit. unfortunately, there's still no snow in Moscow, so i tested the cam with my friends in our indoor park... and here's the result! i suppose the video would look better if it was bluebird weather

20 December 2011

Moscow DC Metal Wars

got home from Norway on Saturday and took the best trick at DC Metal Wars.
props to Wojtek, Marc and Toni!

12 December 2011

Norway all the way

been shreddin in Trysil with norwegian friends.. filming some new videos with them and dasha! look for updates

here's a random photo from one morning.. this is our handmade home spot

photo credit: dasha nosova

03 December 2011

JITC in Oslo

became the winner of Junkyard In The City !! thank you everyone and especially thanks to those ones who invited me !

preparing for the contest in Oslo

today i came to Oslo for the Junkyard In The City contest. we had a pizza party with all the riders and organizers on the top floor in our hotel and then we had a short walk through the city with our norwegian fellows Oivind and Eirik. i'm stoked about not having stairs at the setup! should be fun tomorrow

thanks to Dasha and Oivind for the photos