05 March 2013

Holy Shit page in Method Mag

also got featured on Holy Shit page in Method Mag. thanks guys! stoked to appear there.

this is a screen shot, so the quality is pretty shitty..

photo by Dasha Nosova

Nike trip in Moscow

i got back in Moscow in mid February, when Nike team came out to film some street stuff. our crew consisted of Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan, Sage Kotsenburg, filmer Joe Carlino, photographer Andy Wright and me... everyone was killin it! can't wait to see the full video and go on some trip with these fools again..

these are some of my and dudes' instagrams from the trip

The LA River team edit

also make sure you watch this. my buddy made an edit of all of us having a blast in Bear. some good times

filmed & edited by Kyle Schafer

Sunday In The Park 2013 Episode 6

and this one is my fav.. my last week riding there. coming back really soon thou!!

Sunday In The Park 2013 Episode 5

Sunday In The Park 2013 Episode 4

Sunday In The Park 2013 Episode 3

sorry for the lack of updates... simply forgot about my blog. i went to the States in December and stayed there for 2 months. i was riding Keystone and Breckenridge first, and then i decided to move to Bear, which was just awesome. dreams finally came true hahaha. they also put me into four of their episodes of Sunday In The Park. thanks again!