11 November 2011

the official movie from Gothenburg Rail Battle

check out the video from the contest in Sweden where i got 3rd place, Marc 1st and Len 2nd!!

thanks Rip Curl for inviting me to such a great event!

rap stars in the nearest future!

07 November 2011

Russian Snowboard Awards 2011

i've been nominated for 'russian snowboarder of the year'. also there is some kind of 'favorite rider' nomination, so you can vote for me here . just click the blue round button on the right side!

03 November 2011

Protest Rock A Rail recap

thanks to organizers for inviting me to Holland, Den Haag and Gerben for a sick setup! unfortunately my knee didn't feel good and I wasn't able to ride all of the rails... next stop is Gothenburg Rail Battle

photo : Ann Shahova