16 December 2010

another one video from the park

yo check some park shit from me & my homiez

this was filmed before hitting up the street rails... just had no time to finish that

filmed and edited by Ilya Klishin

06 December 2010

first Block Monkeys edit

just came back from Sweden... took there 2nd place on the Railstyle contest on saturday
also we filmed a bit on a street rails. i'll try to post a small video of our trip this week...

before leaving to Sweden we've made a funny edit with guys from our crew Block Monkeys
kinda first snow and first video by Block Monkeys


riders: Vitaly Kensman, Denis Gaivas, Igor Ku and me as usual..
filmed by Vanya Gribkov! he has injured his arm so he couldn't ride at all. hope he gets well soon!!!

01 December 2010

new-school summer/fall 2010 indoor edit

my friends killin' the park! must see

riders: Dima Makrushin, Yura Moiseev, Alexander Golovkin and me
camera: Dima Makrushin & Alex Golovkin
edit: Dima Makrushin