13 April 2011

helsinki - burton spindl spring sessions - helsinki - homeland

have traveled for 3 weeks so it's time to post some news... at first i went to Helsinki with WeAre2012 crew to film some street for the future movie La Resistance. we stayed there for one week and were pretty excited about bluebird weather. the snow was kinda icy... but who cares. we filmed pretty much stuff... a few shots are gonna be in my upcoming Fresh Meat video from Methodmag. as for the worst, my buddy Vanya injured his shoulder and he's still recovering

freaks playin football with a shovel

Oleg loves Australia. especially when being in Finland!!

one of those popular spots...

our crew


another one famous spot

last day and last spot in Helsinki

get well soon buddy! we need you

then we headed with Dasha to Chezh Republic for Burton Spindl Spring Sessions... we had a flight with Lufthansa and it was such a disappointment. we flied from Helsinki to Prague via Frankfurt and they lost our boardbags. fuck that... i totally wanted to spend a day on the mountain without my board. fortunately, they brought our bags the next day... as for the best things, the park was sick! sun, slushy snow, lots of people and lots of stuff to shred. many props to BSSS organizers! wait for a footy

someone had this funny filming gadget

park view from a helicopter. this is just a half... such a paradise for russian guy like me haha

and this is Dasha, who is my girlfriend, photographer & filmer, translator and simply everything

after BSSS we had the same flight with Lufthansa to Helsinki and then flight to Moscow. and guess what? they lost our luggage again... should i add anything else? don't fly with Lufthansa if you want to save your nerves... well, this is not the end of my story. while trying to decide what to do we met austrian guys Fuchsi and Rudi who had the same flight from Prague with us! after a second they suggested to join them and film in Helsinki for one week. and after a few hours we changed our airtickets and stayed with them. got many shots from that week as well. would like to thank all the guys who we stayed with - Seppi, Rudi, Fuchsi and Mitja! it was really good times!


we spent about 5 hours (or?) on shoveling since the very end of the rail was under an icy snow

triple satan kink. Rudi: "this rail is against humans' rights"

some technine style spot...

Beavis and Butthead aka Rudi and Fuchsi

now i'm in Saint-Petersburg being ill a bit... haven't been home since Christmas. next plan is riding Jib Factory contest in Munich. pretty sad about Laax session cancellation. and now i'm out...

pics by Dasha Nosova

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