26 November 2010

new sponsors Forum and Special Blend

YO! signed today the new contract. now i ride Forum snowboards and wear Special Blend clothes. stoked on being in these teams

and yeah, ride The Rat! you gonna like it...

filmed n edited by Ilya Klishin


  1. Dude how do you like The Rat, Super soft?, Come to the U.S and do a show

  2. Yea pretty soft. I probably come to the US this summer

  3. Sweet, Thanks for respondin. Do you think youll keep the Rat or switch to the Contract. Anyways Keep killin rails and lookin forward to you coming here. I let everybody know who you are and to watch out!

  4. i ride the contract when jumping. this board's good too.. some dudes hit the rails with the contract as well but i prefer the rat for jibbing